trude blomstWho am I?

I am Trude. I have an extra interest in HSP because:

a)    I work as a counsellor  and have specialized in HSPs of all ages.

b)    I am a social entrepreneur, I help people who find themselves outside of the work force for some reason, to find their hopes and dreams and their way back to working life. Most of these are HSP.

c)    I am HSP.

The first time I heard the term highly sensitive left me thinking, well, so am I. And that was it. Didn’t think much more of it.

The second time I heard about it I actually searched for it. I tried to find some facts to persuade one of my clients (I really just like to call them my people, but people don’t seem to understand what I mean) – that she wasn’t just normal, she was great. She lacked self-esteem  for all the wrong reasons. So I searched the net, and the more I understood her, the more I understood myself. She is SO HSP, and so am I. I have never felt so useful in my entire life. It certainly changed her life, but it also made me understand so much more – and it occurred to me that my job simply comes from my own sensitivity. I made my Centre for sensitive people because that’s what I understand.

Since then I have talked to psychologists, written  letters to the editor of several newspapers, started a couple of blogs and set up a meeting place for HSPs in Bergen, Norway.

And of course I am still learning. And most of all I am still puzzled that I have never thought that sensitivity is a bad thing. Most HSPs seem to have viewed it as a problem. I think it might be because I am extrovert and extremely open. And most of all because I come from a family of wise people with a high respect for sensitivity. But because I have this high regard for sensitivity, I have a great desire to pass it on to anybody who doesn’t. And especially those who are themselves HSP and don’t know that it is not only a struggle, but also a gift. And if you take good care of yourself, you can achieve anything you want.

So that’s me. I tend to think of everybody else before me. Recognize the symptoms? 😀 Very HSP. It is not because I’m nice or anything. It’s just part of the package. If I was to step on somebody’s foot I’d only hurt my own. So it’s even selfish. And I don’t mind. The only thing I do mind, is that it might make me look as if I’m trying to please everybody else. But I am not. It is simply selfish, egotistical altruism. And for that reason, I am doing all that I can to let the world know that there is a wonderful thing called HSP, and that it should be well looked after.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy my blog! And I would very much appreciate comments of all kinds!

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