Science vs spirituality

I saw this discussion in an hsp group, and felt like sharing my thoughts here, as it clearly is important to many highly sensitive people. These are my thoughts on science vs sprirtuality. What are yours?

Science vs spirituality

Science is only part of the truth – it is what has been researched. As time goes by, we understand more, because of more research. Sometimes research finds that what wasn’t scientifically proven before, was right anyway. So science is not truer than what hasn’t been scientifically proven (yet). Therefore, believing only in science is both limiting and even wrong. So many times they have found things that were scientifically proven before, weren’t right when they pieced it together with newfound facts.

But science is of course important.

Spirituality to me is believing that there is more to life then meets the eye. But much of what is considered new age or weird where I come from, seems completely natural to me. Like reading other people and even healing, I have never used those words and never thought I was actually doing it before I understood that this is what they meant. I have intuition and a way of connecting that is not for everybody. The moment I heard the word highly sensitive, I knew that this is what it was. A completely normal gift. A gift that makes me question schience, because sometimes it simply isn’t good enough.

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