You won the lottery!

Fancy winning first prize in the national lottery. One million pounds or dollars or euros or whatever currency you choose. So much money that you have no idea what to do with it.

Not only that. Fancy winning it in coins. Coins falling down from the sky, landing on your head, in your eyes, in your garden. Where do you put it? How do you avoid getting hurt? How do you avoid getting too overwhelmed?

Well, this is what it is like to be highly sensitive. You have received a gift almost too big to carry. Nevertheless, it is a gift. A great one. If you know how to manage it, there is no limit as to how much you can achieve. But trying to use it all at once is a bad idea.

I have met so many highly sensitive people who cannot see how this hightened sensitivity is a gift. This is because they womehow think that a gift should be easy. That it comes with no strings attached. But any hughe gift costs extra effort. If it were money, you would be offered guidance, a bank account, advice. But it would still cause hard work. People are always after your money and you would think of any major loss as a massive problem. A waste, embarassing, a feeling of failiour. As is the case with all these tremendous feelings. You are so exposed, you get overwhelmed by using too much but feel such a failoiour when you don’t know how to use them.

Luckily, we have in the past few years experienced an openness towards the dilemma of being filthy rich in feeling. Finally we get the advice that we have so sorely needed. We get it from our own. Because it is we who have the gift of the senses. It is we who process deeply the whys and hows to understand what it means to be highly sensitive. It is our very gift that is helping us use it now.

Congratulations! You have won the lottery. I so hope you will find the instructions as to how to use the winnings.

(Some clues under the photo)

You won the lottery!

The gift?

It gives us the ability to see all the flowers. To smell the grass growing and to feel the spring coming – and to love it.

It gives us the ability to feel pain, so that we can understand when something is wrong. We can feel other people’s pain, so that we can help them, or at least bring empathy into this world.

It gives us the ability to worry, so that we can warn when disasters are coming. This comes with the heavy bruden of maybe worrying too much, but someone has to do it. If noone worries, noone is prepared.

It gives us the ability to love, intensely. This also gives us the ability to hurt, intensely, but the world would not be a good place without it. Love is where we come from. Love is what is going to save the world. It is the heaviest of burdens, because it gives so much responsibiliy. But it is the purest and finest of all gifts.

Whenever you feel something intensely: Know that this is your gift. If you feel intense hate or hurt, it is because you are able to feel intense love. If you feel intense anger, it is because you also have the ability to be completely at ease. If you feel angry because something is wrong, it is because you know. Not everybody knows. You are the fortunate one.

With fortune comes a heavy responsibility. Manage it well. Take care of your gift. Try not to let it overwhelm you too often, because it is when you are at peace you can manage it best.

Good luck!


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