What is HSP?

What is HSP?HSP is short for Highly Sensitive Person. Elaine Aron, Ph.D., concluded  in 1997 an extensive study that led to the conclusionthat high-sensitivity is a personality trait in 15 -20% of the population.

Being highly sensitive means being very sensitive, very receptive to impressions, dutyful, perfectionist. This means that we process larger amounts of information than most people, and therefore must take precautions so as to not be overly stimulated. Otherwise it is much more likely that you will be more often tired than one who isn’t HSP.

There is scientific evidence, books, blogs, articles and other things about the traits we still have a long way to go before there is a common awareness of the phenomenon. However, things are going our way, HSP is accepted into the curriculum of university studies, and some psychologists and doctors are beginning to focus on it. Sometime soon it will be as normal as all other personal traits that you cannot rub off. Wich is good – because being highly sensitive should be a great asset!

HSP is considered a character trait, and it is neither positive or negative. Or rather, both. It is a strength and a weakness simultaneously. Most of all it’s totally normal.

Any comments on this blog should help give even more information on the subject, and is therefore very welcome!

My wish is that one day every HSP will be proud of these assets, and make the most of them. If you are HSP: Congratulations!


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