Setting limits

Setting limitsA highly sensitive person can be almost limitless, saying “yes” to virtually everything, as he or she is a perfectionist, meticulous and conscientious. Afraid of making mistakes or of not being good enough, of not pleasing everyone.

To others, these these properties may seem enchanting,  – until the sensitive person himself or herself is worn out. Of course, the sensitive person might enjoy these properties too, as long as the result is satisfactory. Meaning brilliant, really. This of course is why  HSPs tend to overdo things, and never know their boundaries. If you want to know how to set your own limits, you have to make time and work at it. We all need to find our balance. Where do we find our energy when we’ve spent it all? How do we avoid using all our energy? Only you can find your own limits. Only you can put your foot down. Remember, only 20% of the populations are highly sensitive, and the rest simply can’t understand what it is like. So it is our responsibility to tell. Even if it requires exactly the stuff that we dislike. But what use are we when we don’t function anymore? When we are worn out? As an HSP, you need to take care of yourself first, or you can take care of no one.

A thriving HSP can be fantastic. Resourceful, empathic, smart and so on. But a worn out HSP might well be a nightmare, So you can choose – which one do you want to be?

Think of the safety announcements in airplanes. If you are travelling with children, you are told to put the oxygen masks on yourself before you put them on your kids… It seems cruel, but is fundamentally logical. You can’t help them if you pass out yourself. You need to function in order to be of any use. This is so true, and it applies to everything in life. What may seem selfish to you, isn’t.

That is why it is so important that you find your own limits and say “no” when you need to. Because it makes you a better person.



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